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Welcome to your Website!

We're glad you've set up an OrgSync website -- now we need to get started customizing it. You can access the website builder edit in your organization's portal (as long as you have the right priveleges). In the pages tab you can see the pages we've already set up for you and start to edit the content to fit your needs.

Getting Started on Content

The real power of the website builder is that it can pull content directly from your organization and you can embed any public content here. So, if you upload a file and mark it as public, it will be seen by anyone who visits your website.

When you're editing a page using the website builder there is a button in the toolbar labeled 'OS Modules'. Select the module you need and the embed code will be automatically be placed in the page. It will look a little strange, something like "module:calendar" but if you open your website up now you'll see the calendar embedded and ready to go.

Remember that these websites are your public window to the world so you want to make sure that you have public content displaying to visitors via these modules.


The layout and design of this template can also be customized by you. We've set you up with this template to give you a good starting point but you can modify or change these templates however you need. Caution: knowing some HTML & CSS will be really helpful here.

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